Title of project

Blogging With Balls: A Blog on Feminist Issues

Executive description

A blog on feminist issues to help me complete my women's studies minor. The blog space will be used to (hopefully) reach a wider audience and add a different perspective on what it means to be a Feminist.


In this blog I hope to give expression to a unique take on Feminism. So often in both the world of Feminism and the world at large Feminism gets a bum rap, or isn't done justice. I hope that through the issues and topics I will chose to address and my personal voice and opinion, will be able to give others something to think about, and hopeful a laugh too.

Using internet resources, personal life incidents and experience, current events and a sense of humor I intend to keep a blog dealing with "feminist" issues, using a rather broad definition of Feminism to include peace and justice, gender, sexuality, and social justice issues. I am choosing the blog format, as it is something I am more familiar and comfortable with. Additionally, since this will largely be first person narrative form, it fits far more comfortably in a blog format, as opposed to a Wiki. I am using this project to complete my Senior Project for my women's studies minor. Additional, these are issues of personal interest to me. Any blog I would write/have written ends up being at least a somewhat feminist blog, as I am an unapologetic feminist.

Through this I hope to gain the skill of more regular blog keeping, and to work on learning how to better formate my ideas for a logical presentation. Ranting is good, but cohesion and coherent are better. Hopefully this will also make me more aware of current event issues and give me a change to solidify my own thoughts and feelings on the topic.

The three blogs I have been looking at to help give me an idea of how to formulate myself are www.culturecat.net Culture Cat, Queer Dewd, and www.ablogwithoutabicycle.blogspot.com Blog Without a Bicycle. All three of these are dealing with the same subject that I am and two of them are academic works, as mine will be. In addition I will be using and applying the theories of feminism I have learned throughout my women's studies minor. My goal is to be as direct and forward as Queer Dewd while using the more approachable language of www.ablogwithoutabicycle.blogspot.com Blog Without a Bicycle and www.culturecat.net Culture cat. I also hope to have the edginess of Queer Dewd, while maintaining a higher level of respect for others.

I will use my blogroll to connect to other blogs that I read and find useful/helpful or to be desenting opinions, to show other people the things I am looking at on a regular/daily bases, and to encourage them to explore on their own.

The design will be nothing overly remarkable, just standard blog format, using the tools that www.blogger.com Blogger provides me with. By the end of the semester I should have a blog with multiple entries for each week dealing with the above stated issues, allowing anyone who reads it to see the ideas of Feminism from the point of view of an individual human being, allowing people who may not understand feminism, or think they aren't feminists, to explore their actual thoughts and feelings on the subject further. I intend for my blog to be thought provoking and hopefully somewhat humors. Additionally, I hope to have something that is professional enough (i.e.: spelling, writing format, grammar, overall presentation) to serve as my senior project for my women's studies minor.

At the moment, I think my final project will take the format of 'What I've learned and experienced'. In other words maybe a "final" entry in my blog (whether or not it's actually final) summing up how I feel this project went and if I achieved my desired goals, and any experience I may have had in dealing with others through my blog, and what I may change in the future. My in class report will be an oral version of this, possibly with visual aids as appropriate.

Contract for Grade

I am contracting for 750 points. As stated above, my blog will be focused on feminist issues (which covers more than just women's issues, generally more emphasis on overall social justice). I will aim for an average of three posts a week, but an average word count of about 2000 words. In other words, some weeks I may have only one or two posts, but they will be long essays, other weeks I may blog every day but with shorter posts. As stated above I will be seeking out things to blog online as well as things I come across through my classes and other daily experiences.


Monday, 26 March. Aprox. 8000 words worth of blog entries, a minimum of two per week (8 entries)
Monday, 23 April. Aprox. 14000 words worth of blog entries, a minimum of two per week (14 entries)
Monday, 30 April. Aprox, 15000 words worth of blog entries, a minimum total of 15 entries overall, plus one "final" entry to wrap things up.
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