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=====Katherine Grandstrand=====

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====About Me:====
I'm a last semester senior at Bemidji State. I'm hoping to go to graduate school in Chicago, at either Medill College of Journalism at Northerwestern University in Evanston or Columbia College Chicago in downtown Chicago. I'm trying to keep myself sane while working two jobs and trying to pull good grades in the few classes I have left. I find some down time here and there, mostly right before bed, watching Sex and the City on my laptop.

====My Favorite Links====
- [[ Facebook]]
- [[ Myspace]]
- [[ Job A]]
- [[ Job B]]

====My Email====
- [[ Katherine]]

====My Pages====
- MyNewPageKT
- ProjectProposalKatherineGrandstrand
- MidTermReflectionKatherineGrandstrand
- StudioTourKT
- ProjectPresentationKT
- FinalWriteUpKT
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