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About Me

I am 27 years old and currently live on Sucker Bay of Leech Lake. I moved to Minnesota in 1993 from Glendale Heights, Illinois. I graduated from Cass Lake-Bena Highschool in 1998. From there I went to junior college on a football scholarship at North Datoka State College of Science. While there my sophomore year, our team went on the finish the season 9-0 and then entered the Pepsi-Cola bowl and won there to finish the season a perfect 10-0. After my stint at NDSCS I took a scholarship at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. From there I took about 3 years off and now here I am back in school trying to finally finish my degree in secondary education with emphasis in English.

The closeness between a person and their family can vary in so many different ways. The factors that work into this can be numerous and very complicated, or can be very simple. I am from a family of five, including a younger brother, and an older brother. My family is very important in my every day life, and the relationships continue to hold strong. I would have to say that I get along with my father most out of the bunch, just because are likes are very similar. We do alot together, including fishing, hunting, and golfing just about any chance we can get. I think that a strong family environment is important to a person's upbringing and I am very fortunate, because they have been very influential in my life thus far.

When I finish my degree a lot of options are going to arise for me, and when that time period occurs the two options that I am going to pursue are going to be; either stay here in Minnesota and teach, or move to Alaska and teach there. Alaska is my number one option. The money there is better and the scenery is priceless. Wherever I land up my number one priority is to be the best teacher I can be and to always care for my students. This will be preceded of course by my family when that time comes. Only the future knows what it holds for me, but whatever that may be I find myself totally prepared for it.

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