Title of My Project:

Dirt Track Fanatic

Executive Description:

This will be a wiki dedicated to information pertaining to dirt-track stock car racing, to help both the racing enthusiast and the average reader gain knowledge and insight into the racing world. Using a wiki will allow me to develop an interlinking set of pages that are easily accessible and easy for other users to comment on/edit/criticize, and the chronological order of a blog would not be effective for this project.


With this project, I hope to provide an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand wiki full of information. This will require work beyond what I know, so I will have to research many aspects of my topic. I want to learn much more about dirt track racing besides what I know, but I know enough to get a good start on the topic and to know how to find out what I don't know.

I am going to start with my main page, explaining dirt track racing and some of the different aspects of it. Then I plan to create pages to dedicate to, for example, different classes of cars, different sets of rules, background of various racetracks, and so on. By the end of the project, I want to have an accurate, well-developed wealth of information that is easy to sort through for what one is looking for.

I chose this specific topic because dirt-track racing is one of my biggest passions and I've been involved with it for years, but I've always wanted a reason to learn more. This seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. And out of the list of topics that I came up with, this appeals to me the most. From this project, I hope to learn not only about my topic, but also about how the wiki operates, how to format pages, how to make the pages appealing but simple, how to organize the wiki, and how to, basically, make the wiki into what I envision, while at the same time allowing for others to comment on and even possibly edit what I'm doing.

I've done a lot of looking around on the class wiki and the old class wiki, and it's really given me some thought on how to set up the wiki I plan to make. I've noted the way wikiwords are used to link to a new page more often than outside links are put in. I've also taken note of the way that the users interact, and I'm thinking that might be a very helpful aspect in my project. Receiving feedback from others helps me to make my work stronger, tighter, more informative. And since this project is not really based on my personal thoughts, and is more information-based, I think it will be easier for me to allow that feedback to be given.

The rough design of this wiki, that I have in mind, will be eye-catching but simplistic. I plan to use color, just because it's pretty, and possibly an image per page if I can find images that suit my subtopics, but for the most part I want to keep the wiki clean and simplistic. This wiki as I envision it has its main page which focuses on the idea of dirt track racing as a whole, with numerous wikiwords throughout, linking to new pages which will provide information on those new topics. Those topics will include car classes, basic rules, background info on racetracks, racetrack etiquette, and, I'm sure, many more to come because it is such an extensive topic and so many directions that each topic could go. I also have a feeling that in those subtopics, more subtopics will emerge, and the wiki will basically grow into a weblike structure. I want to avoid using full-blown opinion in most of this, but there will be certain topics where I will base the page mostly on opinion simply because of abstract terms (such as racetrack etiquette). From this project, I aim to gain knowledge about the wiki as a medium for writing, about the idea of collective writing, and about my topic in general. As far as value to others, I think that the subject matter will be very useful and easy to read and understand for anyone who has interest in the topic, and they will come away from the wiki with greater knowledge of my topic and of the way the wiki is set up.

My project report will be a wiki essay, focusing on how building the wiki worked for me and what I accomplished with my project. I'm not sure what I will be writing about, so that is probably as specific as I dare get with this section.

Contract for Grade:

I expect this wiki to become one of substantial size. At the moment I am going to estimate that it will grow to approximately 60 nodes, possibly more, and I will be adding material at least five times a week but most likely more often than that. I won't promise full nodes five times a week, but there will be a noticeable increase in information at least that often. The length of the nodes will vary with subject matter, but I expect them to be at least a couple of strong paragraphs each. I am going to contract for 1000 points.


Monday, March 26 - I plan to have started to build almost all of my nodes, and plan to have approximately 20 nodes either completed or close to completion. At this point there probably will not be much in the way of anything besides the essential information; I will fine tune it at a later date.

Monday, April 23 - I plan to have my project almost complete, with only minor changes, additions, deletions needed. I also plan to have pertinent images added where I feel they are helpful to the idea of the pages.

Monday, April 30 - I plan to, of course, have my project completed. I hope that I will have developed an extensive web-like wiki that contains all the information I feel is important, interesting, and/or necessary to my topic, and that I will have exponentially increased my knowledge of wikis and how they work.
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