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=====**About Me**=====
I'm Josh Pavek, a senior political science major at [[ Bemidji State University]] If everything goes well I should be graduating this spring (2018) and I hope to pursue a graduate degree in political theory or political communication. My heart isn't dead set on any specific graduate school yet, so I will accept invites ++or recommendations and other important emails ++ at [[|]]. In my free time, I am an avid video game player (League of Legends and strategy games mostly) and an amateur music producer.

====**Major Works**====
(This section is a stub and must be expanded upon [[ here]])
- [[ Myblog]]
- CoursenotesJp
- ProposalJp

====**Other useful links**====
- Email me at:[[|]]
- [[ My personal twitter]]
- [[ My soundcloud]]
- [[ Something I believe everyone should read]]
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