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So You Want to Go to College.
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So You Planning on Going to College, Eh?


This blog's central topic will be on tips, strategies, and helpful hints for college through the telling of stories in hopes that the students will gain the knowledge that is usually received through experience. By posting on a blog, I hope to garner to the vast amount of people, especially students, who are using the internet to search on how to survive college.


I will be creating, in a sense, a handbook for high school seniors that are planning on going to college and are looking for tips on how to survive that first year. I will touch on many events that happen in the first year of college as well as tips and strategies that can be used to help them survive a terrible roommate, teacher, or even with buying books. This blog will be from the point of view of an experienced college student that tells stories and experiences.

The goal of this blog is to help college students who are in search of information and tips by giving them many stories that they might have come in contact with or the possibility that they may come in contact with similar situations. Being that I am surrounded by freshman and friends who have also shared in many ridiculous experiences, topics and experiences will be easy to come by.

I will be posting on a blog. The internet is usually the place where people go to look for information, so by posting here, there will be easier access for people to come and find information. When I start my blog, I will start with a post on packing and preparing for orientation weekend. With each post I will develop further into the school year and talk on possible happenings. Also I will have on post a week on one topic, whether that may be the roommate, getting caught breaking the rules, alcohol, and so on, I will give a situation of said example and give tips on how it could have gone better and what to do if it happens. The first week will be devoted to orientation to the end of September. Week 2 will be devoted to October to Thanksgiving. The third week will touch on after Thanksgiving break to the end of finals. Week four and five will be on semester 2; week four being the first half and week five being the last half and some summer tips.

By the end of this blog, I hope the reader will have an idea of what it takes to be a freshman and doing it right the first time. Also included in my stories I will be using images to enhance the story. Also hope to achieve some humor in these stories as well as creating a great picture for the reader to enjoy and learn from.


Each week, my goal is to work for the 150 pts. I will post Monday through Thursday at first, possible doing more as the ideas for more stories arise, with a reflection on Sunday to my first blog. By posting in the new blog I hope to keep anonymity and also keep the blog as focused as possible. I also plan on going further than the 500 words, it all depends on the content of the tip I plan to tell.

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