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Currently acquiring a 5-12 Communication Arts and Literature license through BSU to be able to teach Language Arts in the Red Lake School District. A 2016 BSU graduate with a BS in English Education and a 2004 BSU graduate with a BS in Spanish Education. Taught Spanish at Northome School from 2004-2008. Have traveled with student groups to Spain and Costa Rica.

Married in July 2014 to an amazing husband. Mother of 4 and stepmother of 4. Step-grandma of an adorable grandson. Fun-loving, spunky, life of the party are words often used to describe me. Accepts everyone for who they are.

My Reading Lists:

Current Books I Am Reading

... I'm taking a break for a bit! This semester was reading over-load! I'll update my list again when I start my summer reading...

Books I Have Recently Read

Books I Would Like to Read

Assignments and Exercises

ENGL 3177

Wikis I Created

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