draw on WikiAndTraditionalComposing. use this node and the others in process to touch on how the differences show up in practices. eg. having to name a node and find a place to start it is an inventive act.


Invention is often taught and thought of as a prewriting activiity, activities such as brainstorming or mapping to get ideas, leading to creating a ThesisStatement?. In any case, it's done once and it's over. In all writing, this is a less than useful way of thinking about invention. On a wiki, it's just silly.

For writing on a wiki, it's better to think of invention as a constantly recurring activity. The beauty is that a wiki supports recurring invention, and so writers develop rhetorical techniques to both generate while keeping it open at the same time. The solo writer does the same thing, using notes, scratch pads, napkins, scrap files, outlines, diagrams and other means to both generate and structure. But because wiki writing is often collective and there is often a length of time before revisiting an early page, wiki writers also keep notes on notes on the page: meta-commentary signaling to other writers (and herself as a returning writer) what's happening. They record, that is, the process of invention.

Above all, invention on a wiki is a matter of attitude: of suspending finality and completion.

As you work, and others contribute, text you've sketched out is changed as ideas change.

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