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Wiki's can be a great way to express your creativity and share it with others as well as collaborate creativity with others. According to the Oxford Dictionary, creativity is defined as "The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work." What is creativity if not shared with the rest of the world?

The best part about sharing your creativity with the world comes with benefits, but there are also threats. If your work isn't licensed under Creative Commons, you risk losing the recognition to your work to a third party. But with Creative Commons, you can choose if you want your license to be strict or a bit more lenient as long as they credit the work back to you.

Though most people will not refer to wiki strictly as a creative sharing website as much as a group collaboration website, the idea isn't all that far fetched.

To add to the information above:

Creativity is simply expressing new ideas, or new connections just like synthesis (read more on this at CreativityIsSynthesis). And wiki's can be a great way to share these expressed ideas.

These are some of the ideas that are shared on BuildingOnTheIdeaOfOthers:

"An individual has to be aware that on a wiki anyone can edit pages, therefore one's ideas do not stay just their ideas. The pages and ideas evolve as other people read them and begin to add their own ideas: collaborating with the original author. This is a very impressive concept, especially when you take into consideration that an individual can look back at previous forms of that page to see all the collaboration that has taken place."

"Being that an individual's shared ideas on the wiki can change other's way of thinking and lead them to make their own connections and new breakthroughs is something that most artists strive for: changing others thought processes. This in addition to the fact that those people, who have been impacted by someone's thoughts / ideas on a wiki page, can edit that page and add or change the information makes it a collaboration. The individual's work is not ruined, it is simply changed: it has evolved into something else because it impacted someone else's thoughts enough to make them want to add something to the page."

I think we owe a great deal of today's scientific understanding to people letting go of needing to have credit all of the time. If you look into the history of Math ideas it's riddled with large dark periods where only one or two people had an understanding of a crucial concept and they kept it to themselves! How counter-productive for the greater human understanding. And look how far we have progressed after those ideologies are no longer dominant.
--Eric Kvale
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