To incorporate means to take something and make it part of the whole that already exists. So to incorporate the ideas of others would mean to allow their input on a concept that already exists. When it comes to Wikis this concept means to allow other people to learn from and edit existing wikis without consequence.
It helps us learn more, and from different views. It is extremely important to incorporate the ideas of others. By incorporating the ideas of others, we can relate this to CollectiveWriting and CollaborativeWriting. Both of these types of writing incorporate the ideas of others, and lets group build on each others ideas to create an ultimate goal or outcome.


Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence:

(Word Smart)
When it comes down to it incorporating the ideas of others is polite. Its all part of the WikiCulture, and GettingTheWikiAttitude. Do it.


Building off this page to create the page WritingIsLearning would further develop this wiki page and help further intertwingle this wiki within itself.
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