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ENGL 3177/5177 Fall 2002 - Spring 2018

Course Materials Archived

I am no longer teaching the course. You are welcome to have a look and use or adapt what's useful. But share:CC Some rights reserved: free to share and remix, but attribute and share alike.

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- WikiWritingHandbook. A writing handbook in 100 pages
- SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki

A growing list of pages

- PagePatterns - develop each and add to the list
- WikiRoles
- UsesOfWikis
- UBCWiki
- DavisWiki at

(Draft) projects

- 100 pages - 100 writers
- interview - poll - discuss - link
- WikiWriting
- 15 Productive Uses for a Wiki
- 100+ More Wiki Tools and Resources
- AboutTwitter
- TwitLit - early notes on the ShortForm
- ShortForm
- MicroNarrative
- BlogsAndWikisTour
- BloggingActivitiesExercise and TwitteringActivitesExercise
- TheHorrorsOfSocialMeeja


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