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Because digital humanities are re-shaping practice.
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Older announcements are on the CourseSyllabus page.

Week of 13 Feb

If you haven't used a wiki before, start with the tutorial: Getting Started on a Wiki

Then go on to SettingUpAWikiNamePage. Then explore the readings and videos, and move into composing your thoughts about using wikis as requested in WikisAreUs.

For Extra Credit! you can take stock of your impressions about working with a wiki as a post on your blog.

Week of 6 Feb

Use the same guidelines and days for posting as before in How to develop a post.


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Guests Getting Started

Login (I'll give participants login instructions, or email me), then double-click on any page, or click on the "Edit page" link at the bottom to get started.

GettingStarted has basic editing and formatting instructions. the SandBox is a space to practice editing. Our StyleGuide lists our social and writing conventions. CollaborationConventions is a developing set of conventions for working collaboratively on this wiki. But we also encourage you to CollaborateRadically. Follow WikiLove.

Questions Welcome

to M C Morgan. Or ask on The Daybook


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- Also see My delicious tag: wikis.

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Wanna talk about something on this wiki? TopicsForDiscussion Make a list.

Useful pages: FormattingRules, WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages, TextSearch

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