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Older announcements are on the CourseSyllabus page.

reminder: Bootcamp deadine: Mon 23 Jan: a reflection on these two weeks of Bootcamp set up. See the BootCamp2017 page for the criteria.

Week of 17 Jan

BootCamp2017 continues: Week Two is about RSS, CC and IP, setting up your weblog further, and practicing embedding media into blog posts. BootCamp2017 also suggests Continuing Activities.

In class
Bootcamp Deadlines for this week
Refer to BootCamp2017

Week of 24 Jan


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GettingStarted has basic editing and formatting instructions. the SandBox is a space to practice editing. Our StyleGuide lists our social and writing conventions. CollaborationConventions is a developing set of conventions for working collaboratively on this wiki. But we also encourage you to CollaborateRadically. Follow WikiLove.

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to M C Morgan. Or ask on The Daybook


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