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My name is Helen Hansen, and I will be twenty-one in May. I have been working at the AmericInn Hotel for over three years, and I have been working at Pine Hall and the Campus Child Care on campus for over two years. My major is Creative and Professional Writing, and I am a senior. I attended and graduated from Kelliher Public School. I have attended Bemidji State University for technically three years, but I have attended for four years because I went PSEO my senior year in high school. That was the best year of high school because I wasn't at my high school. I didn't like my high school.

I am the youngest member of my family. I have two older brothers. My eldest brother Adam is married to Jessica Reinbold, and he works and lives in Cold Spring with his wife. My other brother Brian is attending William Mitchell Law School in the Twin Cities for the second year and he will graduate in the spring of 2010. My mother Eileen is a supervisor at Anderson Fabrics in Blackduck. My father Joesph owns a cattle farm in Saum. My sister of another mother is Alicia Garcia, and we have been best friends for two years. Alicia lives in Blackduck, but my family has been living in Saum since I was six years old.

Saum is a small town, you'd miss it if you blinked while driving down the road. Surprisingly, Saum is noted for the historical school building located near the grocery/liquor/gas station. The oldest school is a log cabin, and the other school is a two story building that is now used to hold the annual fall Saum Hunter's Supper. There is a Lutheran church and cemetery located in Saum, and the cemetery is now open for anyone who lives in Saum to be buried in it.

I love reading books, and that is what I did during my winter break when I wasn't working at my hotel job. My favorite books are romance novels, but I will read anything that keeps me interested. My favorite color is blue, but it used to be red. I still can't figure out why it changed. My favorite animals are horses. They've been my favorite since I've been little, and it's always been my dream to be a horse trainer and to own hundreds of horses. I don't think it will ever happen, but it's still nice to dream about it. My favorite food is Italian, but I like spaghetti the best. That pretty much sums up me.

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