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=====Greta Colburn=====
Name: Greta Signe Colburn
Birthday: October 25 1986
Major: Creative Writing
Employer: Outer World
"Status": Taken
Email: [[ Contact Me]]




====My Blogs====
[[ Myspace]]
[[ Blogger]]
[[ FaceBook]]

====Document mode====
The one I took on was at TheStandardObjection

====Wikki Outline====
At the moment this Wiki will serve the purpose of hosting or at least sorting information on the story I'm writing. Why, you ask? Well, because I can.

====Plot/Story Outline====
Someday I really hope I know what to write here.

====The Characters====
- JusticeBio
- CardBio
- GraceBio
- HopeBio
- TrainBio
- JenningsBio
- TaylorBio
- CheriBio
- BrandBio
- GavinBio

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