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=====First Wiki Notes (2/10/2017 & 2/13/2017)=====

====Things to know about Wikis====
-Three modes to wikis
1. ThreadMode (brainstorming)
2. DocumentMode (Rough Draft)-developed thoughts
3. RefactoringPages (Editing rough draft)-keeping the meaning
-WikiWord -how to link to other pages within our page
-Double lines = separate document mode and thread mode
- Wiki is created by anyone, for anyone

====Addressing Concerns====
===([[|WideOpenSpaces]] helped with these)===
- Formatting. Things are new and it takes time to adjust to a new software and HTML code
-Separate Pages ([[|PagePatterns]] start to form)
- Common knowledge where discussion (thread mode) happens, and where the document mode happens
- WikiWords keep everything simple, quick, and organized
- Anyone can edit. SoftSecurity explains some precautions
- Wiki software can have it's technical glitches. (Save everything on own hard drive)
- Point of view (hard not to use 1st person?)
- Linking WikiWord to the site and not to a new page by the author
- Plagiarism is acceptable (Three things to keep in mind with this)
1. Community Copyright= authors can create own rights on their works
2. Public Domain= has no copyright
3. Copyleft= anyone can use works however they want as long as they keep it under the original license

====Positives about wikis====
-Fairly easy to use once reading some hints and tricks on using it [[|Starting Points]]
- There is help for every question [[|WikiWikiWebFaq]] is a good place to start
- Options to keep things private, blocking editors, and protecting contributions (if desired by author)
- If something gets deleted or is changed (ill intended or by mistake) that the author/contributor wants back, it can be fixed
- Collaborative community. Wikis can have many people working on something together from anywhere. Seen as a place to bounce ideas off of each other. Wikis become a [[|WikiCommunity]] and a culture
- Collective work. Information gets organized by topic, author, page, etc. People stay on top of what goes where and if it doesn't fit, it usually can find a home in yet another page and space.
- Respectful of others [[|WelcomeToWikiPleaseBePolite]]
- Can be a active member of a wiki and still keep some anonymity (or not)
- Wikis can be used for a variety of different audiences, topics, collaborations, and places

====Other Considerations====
-Did not know the course was used on a wiki until this week
- Editing can be done on any of the class wiki pages
- Creator or consumer or both? (when to know the time and place) Is it for everybody? Is it ok to not be both?
-Practice refactoring? Here are some tips [[|RefactoringWikiPages]]
- Falling down the rabbit hole. Good thing or bad? Clicking on a new page within a page, that leads to another page, and leads to yet another page. The chaos: good or bad?
- Refactor or not to? When to move on?
- To work on someone else's work: Confidence builder or personal nightmare?
- Wikis vs Blogs (comparing and contrasting)
- Blog writing vs. wiki writing (point of view)
- Reading (both can be separate from other's work, and both can be collaborative)
- Formatting ( the editing of wikis can look messy with all the code, but presented it looks clean and organized)
- Linking to other things (same concept, minor changes in how to link)
- Connecting with others (connect in different ways)
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