Wiki Notes

Part 1

The Icons up top are helpful. It would be nice to know the hotkeys, if there are any. Not sure what Bash, Perl, and C are all about? Nor, am do I understand the lightbulb and book icons. The rest seem pretty straight foreward. The table creator is bit goofy.
This is more or less the simplest markup language possible.

Part 2


One important thing you notice right away when writing on a wiki is that you're are taking part in a collaborative act. You are offering your bit to the bigger project. It's nice not to have to worry about overall vision, creative ownership, how the project might represent you, and instead just to be offering a small contribution.


The fact that wikis save their history is also a very nice function. You can watch how a community develops over time as the wiki develops with it. Going through a controversial topic, or a topic that is a quickly changing scientific topic seems especially interesting, in this regard.

Meatball Wiki

"People and People and Computers and People." --Meatball Moto

"Spaghetti doesn't really "link" meatballs together." --Anonymous

Hilarious rapport between contributors as too the meaning of spaghetti in meat-a-phore on meatballs. But too his point, I think we can consider the links themselves to be the spaghetti, and the meatball to be the "meat" or content of the wiki. Cool concept.

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