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======First and Second Wiki Notes======

- since I have an understanding of how a Wiki works (mechanically, at least) from the Web Content Writing course, I began by reading [[ | Welcome to Wiki Please Be Polite]]
- I enjoyed (and was honestly impressed by) every rabbit hole after rabbit hole I was led down; there is a wealth of knowledge here, and I think that is a commonality between many Wikis
- I think the rules on being polite on Wikis //could// and //should// be transferred to how we interact in real life
- for example, [[ |book stops]] are not especially helpful
- and sometimes [[ |agreeing to disagree]] is a cop-out
- however, we should always [[ | keep an open mind]]
- we should always be willing to learn something new
- respectful disagreements are of the utmost importance
- criticism is perfectly fine, but telling someone they are stupid is not
- novices encouraged (great to read)
- learners welcomed; trolls, not so much
- [[|resist the urge to delete]] unless it's an insult
- overall, this page is organized in short paragraphs, contains many linked materials, and is easily readable
- based mainly on disseminating information for getting the most out of the Wiki
- features lots of comments and quotes from folks like Socrates
- in Thread Mode
- the second Wiki I looked at was the [[ |MeatballWiki]]
- the contributors to this Wiki are anyone, like you and me; we are the authors, editors, and librarians
- the readers of the Wiki also maintain it
- the Meatball Wiki is part of the [[|MeatBall]] project -- the mission of which is to help others with projects in return for helping them with theirs; AKA, a learning community
- their motto is "People and People and Computers and People"
- they mostly discuss technology and sociology
- these discussions and helping with projects occur on the [[|MeatballWiki]]
- their [[|values]] include: support, barn raising, powerlessness, humanity, growth, timelessness, boredom, nonviolence, and pluralism -- all very admirable and inclusive, in my opinion
- their goal is "to be a professional guidebook for how to build and manage collaborative hypermedia"
- anyone can join and edit the Wiki
- their various projects and collaborations are found on their [[|MeatballOutreach]] page
- this also lists others who have connected with the Meatball Wiki and other Wiki developers who have used the Meatball Wiki as a central meeting place
- the Meatball Wiki is also in Thread Mode
- it's cool that the Meatball Wiki collaborates with so many others and their projects-- I'm glad these sorts of spaces exist online
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