Notes for Friday 2/10/2017

Wikis in Plain English

Wikipedia Entry on Wikis

Wide Open Spaces : Wikis Ready or Not

- Worried about security
    • Not really a valid reason. Wikis are meant to be public information, it is how they are set up. People dont really cause mayhem on Wiki pages. Mostly, everyone does what they are supposed to.
  • Disorginization
    • People have an issue that Wikis dont organize EVERYTHING on one page, but thats the point of Wikis, to have many many pages so that information about ANYTHING can be found
  • Ugly
    • Because it is not about presentation, itas about colaboration

My Thoughts

After learning a little bit more about Wikis, I am starting to see the potential in them. Because of the lack or rules that Wikis seems to have it makes it really easy to understand and work them. I am becoming more familiar with the layout of Wikis now, it is becoming easier to navigate them.


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