Notes on Wikis in Compostition and Communication Classrooms (2/15/18)

Disrupting Intellectual Property: Collaboration and Resistance in Wikis

Historicizing Intellectual Property

My Thoughts

I knew what wikis were before this class because I have taken another class where we learned to use wiki. I don't know a lot about them though so I chose to look at the article Wikis in Composition and Communication Classrooms.
I learned a lot from this particular article. Wikis are a place where multiple people can contribute. It is a great place to share information and learn. There is some controversy on wikis partially because it goes against some traditions. Either way I think that wiki is a great thing and that it will become used more and more in the future and hopefully more accepted as time goes on.

Notes on Wiki Thinking (2/19/18)



My Thoughts

I thought the article had some good information about wikis. It also had some good links to different wikis that showed their form well. I think I would agree with the post that some of the best wikis are the ones that add to the public knowledge. Both included images that I thought helped the reader keep interest and added to the topic of the writing. I think wikis are extremely useful. This post got me thinking about that as well. Also while I was looking over some of the wiki pages linked to this post.

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