First Wiki Notes

Since I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to wikis, I figured Brian Lamb's article The Way It Was Meant To Be would be a good place to start. I was right, since I learned quite a few things:
While this may have seemed like a very grand vision, it's easy to see that this may not have been the best idea with the birth of trolls and spread of misinformation. However, this idea lives on in wikis, proving that it is a feasible and functional idea.

Wiki Writing

Similar to blogging, writing on a wiki is designed to be social. While blogging is about putting your own ideas forward for other people to see and discuss, wikis are a true form of community writing. One person may start a page on a wiki, and another may continue it. There is never an absolute end to a wiki, only a goal of trying to connect as much as possible, or to "fulfill its potential."
The constant themes that I'm seeing in the readings are of the strong sense of community that writing wikis bring, as well as how the contributions of a great number of people can far outpace the contributions of a single person. What wikis seem to represent is a strength in numbers. Where one idea leads into the next, a wiki is sure to follow.
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