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Inspiration - My history with the Telecaster

As an avid guitar player, I am the proud owner of a Fender Telecaster that I recently modified in a recent custom guitar project. In doing so, I discovered the Telecaster Discussion Page forum while doing some research into various companies and individuals who could help me with the project. This brought to my attention the large number of Telecaster enthusiasts that are out there actively seeking out information and knowledge related to the instrument. My similar enthusiasm, along with this observed niche inspired me to create Telecaster Fanatic.

What I Intended to Do

Executive Discription from Project Proposal
"For my project I will create a well-annotated filter-type blog centered around the Fender Telecaster guitar. I will seek out information on guitars, guitar-related gear, players that use telecaster and videos or news surrounding them, modifications and examples of modified Telecasters, as well as history related to the development and success of one of the world's first and still widely used electric guitars."

End Goal from Project Proposal
"I will have a blog of interest to a specialized community, with a fairly expansive network of information on the subject. Obviously it will contain my opinions and views on the material linked to, but will nonetheless provide a space of interest for those with a fondness towards the Fender Telecaster and the music it creates."

What I Did

In Telecaster Fanatic, I linked to and discussed information related to a variety of topics concerning the Fender Telecaster. New Guitars was one area of emphasis, such as this entry highlighting the release of the 2007 Rosewood Telecaster. Within this topic, I looked for new releases of interesting versions of the Telecaster, generally those being produced in limited quantities. I also did some blogging of sites containing Vintage Guitars, as they are increasingly hard to come by with the increased interest in them as investments recently.

Outstanding Telecaster Players was another area of emphasis that I chose, where I highlighted somewhat obscure players (at least as far as popular music is concerned) as well as studio session aces that utilize the Telecaster as one of the ingredients for their sound. I stayed away from popular players, and those that only use a Tele occasionally, focusing on those who help define thier "voice" with the instrument. I also discussed suppliers of parts and accessories that would be of interest to Telecaster owners, as well as other information and gear that I deemed as being of interest to a fellow Telecaster fanatic.

In an attempt at readership, I posted an entry on the Telecaster Discussion forum announcing my blog with a link to it. I did get a few responses on the forum,but did not generate any comments, although there were a few hundred views of the entry and I believe it is safe to say that the majority of those clicked through to the blog.

What I Discovered

Blogs actually are useful, practical writing spaces, as opposed to my initial impression. While I am by no means particularly fond of the medium, I do recognize their usefulness, and anticipate likely working in a blog format during my journalism career at some point.

It's hard for me to write without knowing who my audience is. Even with Blood's advice in consideration, I like having a somewhat tangible image of my audience, or at least what an average audience member would consist of. When writing for a publication, I know almost exactly who my audience is. I guess I have grown to like that, possibly more than I should.

I write like a journalist, even when I try not to. " have created and are publishing your own column on Telecasters...your journalism background and writing style are really paying off." - Morgan. I was by no means ashamed of this fact. Rather, I was pleased to find out that I have developed a distinct voice within my writing.

Finding something interesting and worthwhile to blog consumed the majority of my time. If someone is into Telecasters enough to read Telecaster Fanatic, they probably have a fair amount of knowledge already, possibly more than me. So I couldn't just rely on my own knowledge base, but rather had to seek out that which I didn't know about. Then I felt it was safe to assume that they might not know, either. The actual writing of the blog entry consumed the least of my time.

What Hasn't Changed

I still feel detached from the blogging community. Blogging to me is something that other people do, even though I have and maintain a blog. I think this idea may have something to do with my lack of comments, and uncertainty regarding my readership level. If I knew that I had regular readers, I may then consider myself a blogger. Then again, maybe not.

My writing style and approach is another thing that I do not feel underwent any change. Other than being a little more casual at times, I still write like me. I am not very introspective in terms of my writing approach. I have a tendency to just sit down and write, and if it is flowing well, great. If not, I come back to it later. Other than that, I have no secret recipies, and did not discover any new techniques through this project. However, I do believe that blogs encourage regular writing, a pressure to produce something, which can be very good for you as a writer.

The overall goals and direction remained constant throughout the project. I am rather proud of this, in that I formulated an idea, and followed through until I had attained it. Part of the reason that I chose the project that I did was to ensure that I would stick with it, and it worked.
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