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I had originally started this blog in order to accomplish only one thing, however, as it progressed, a lot changed with my blog. It was not only a blog to try and recieve comments on my writing. It became an online journal with pieces of my life, both past and present. Some blogs were long, some short, and some just random. However, it worked. It also ended up aiding me in doing homework for two other classes.
I was originally using this blog to just try and get comments about my own writing, in reality that became the one thing that did not happen. Instead the entire direction changed, and in my opinion, it was for the best. I wrote what I wanted, when I wanted, and it turned out great. I did get views, but I also made a blog with writings that I am proud of, and on days that I had writers blog, I was able to act as thought this was an online journal. I would randomly mention how buying my house was going, or even my wedding plans. In the end, it turned out better than I would have expected it to be.

Problems: Trying To Get Comments

So, getting comments was one thing that I was very much unable to do. I got two the entire time I was on the blog, and one does not count because it was my fiance trying to get me to feel better because early on I was upset that no one was leaving me comments, even though that is what I kept requesting.
However, when we did reviews for one another someone said that my blog was not a comment blog. It was the kind of blog they wanted to visit in order to read and then leave till I posted something new. That really ended up changing how I ran the blog and what I ended up doing overall for the project.

The Change

The change came after I realized that comments were just not going to cut it. So adding to just long essays about my life I started to add poetry, responses to a book I was reading, and journaling. The poetry I decided to do in order to mix it up a bit, get a different side of writing involved.
Responses, in all honesty, this was utilized to make sure I did homework for another class (or else I don’t think it would ever have gotten done).
Journaling was to help with my writers blog, and also to help me out on those nights that I was so tired and could barely keep my head up. I would give a quick hello and talk about something on my mind. They were also used to keep updates going on.


This blog actually became a piece of my life. I made it part of my routine to get on and write something. Even when I didn’t want to. It helped my writing to grow and it helped me to actually see my work at a different aspect.
It also put a different twist on academics. I am a Creative and Professional writing major, now I know that yeah, there are other ways to write, and there is nothing wrong with them. Utilize it as a tool.

The Proposal

Eb’s Writings

The Site: Eb’s Writings∞

Executive Description

Eb’s Writings is going to be a blog that incorporates my writings (poetry, nonfiction, blogs…extc..) from classes or on anything that comes to mind that I would like to share in order to recieve advice, comments, or even opinions. A blog will help me with the project because the page I can design to coincide with my writings, and also because it is more easily managable so I can add pictures, slideshows, and subscribe to other writers blogs.

In Eb’s Writings I hope to achieve two things. First, I hope to learn how to write better. I am trying to grow in my writing skills and I think by having a blog that is based on my writing I can learn to improve it because ultimately I want it perfected if other’s are able to read it. Also, I hope to gain advice through using a blog. I want to subscribe to other’s blogs in hopes that they will subscribe to my blog as well. In this way, I can gain opinions on my writing, comments, advice on how to improve it, and just all around thoughts from other writers or even non-writers.

I am going to make a blog that is basically a collaborative of all of my writings from past, present and even future. This blog will be dedicated to writing and to thoughts and opinions on writing. I chose to do this instead of something else because I am a Creative and Professional Writing’s Major, however I had given up writing for over a year and now it is time for me to get back into it. This is a way for me to get outside thoughts on my writing, and a way for me to learn from other blogger’s writings as well. It will ultimately be a way for me to learn. I hope to learn whether or not my writing is good, how I can revise it to improve it, and also to learn new writing techniques. Also, by using a blog I can link to other blog’s, subscribe to other blogs, and also become more familiar with blogs and how they work.

I am going to borrow the idea of having an organized blog that has different pages, archives, and even adds outside sources in the hopes that people who look at my blog can learn, not just teach to me. I can have a blogroll that is connected to different writing types, and also other blogs so not just me but others could check out and learn from. I have looked at many blogs to get this idea, but ultimately one amazed me, and I was also able to talk to the writer of this blog. Mark Christensen, who is one of my professors and advisor has helped me tremendously with my writing and has given me advice on it. He has suggested that I should somehow make a blog of my writing in order to improve it. I have heard he has a blog and so I am going to look at it for ideas, I have also been browsing at classmates blogs for setup ideas, and I may incorporate some aspects, but ultimately, I have decided to start from scratch and try and set it up to best suit me and my work.

The blog will be designed to illustrate my writing. I want photography, graphics, maybe even slideshows. However, it is also going to have a sidebar with outside links and information that I believe is important and necessary in any type of blog.

This project is all around a learning experience. I also want to see exactly how my writing evolves during this project. Does it improve or become worse because of changing it to serve a wider audience. I want to be able to write about this and how it effects me to so others can read and see how exactly it is changing my writing.

I have thought about how to do my project report, and honestly I am not sure exactly how to do it. However, I am leaning to using my blog as the presentation itself. I want to show how it started and then show where it ended. Was it a success? The only way I feel I can do this is to just show it. I am not using a wiki in this project, so I’m not using a wiki for the report.
Contract For Grade

I plan on my blog being well established. However, because it is a writing blog on my writing’s, I could very well get writer’s blog. It happens often. I can’t control this, and so I do not know exactly how much I will be on the blog. It will vary as my writing varies. I hope to post at least three times a week if not more. I am not going to assign a specific length to my posts because each post will vary in size depending on it’s topic, especially if it is a poem. But I will try and post every other night to keep it going and to keep current articles up and running. And, no one else will have any responsiblities to this blog, the only thing I am looking for in help is outside comments and views. Just for viewers to tell me their thoughts so I can learn. I have decided to set a contract for 500 points. I hope to go above this and earn more points, but until I can figure out how it will all work and exactly how much time I can spend on it, this is where I know it will start.


* Start February 27: Setup of blog. Continue writings and updating blog until March 31.
* March 31 April 2: Have a well developed blog that has had comments, views, and is all set up and is just being maintained by this point in time. Plan to have by March 31 and April 2, 18 of my writings posting, that is by posting something new three times a week.
* April 21: A fully completed (but not fully completed because I plan to have it still going after this class) blog. Have my goal reached and have learned and seen how my writing evolved. Also by here, try to have about 26 writings posted.
* April 25-May 7: I plan to have accomplished a fully developed writer’s blog by this point. Have subsriptions to other writers blogs and have all of my writings posted with revisions as well. Hopefully by this time, it will also be a well
developed blog for new writers to go to in order to learn and find information. Also, by this time my writings should
develop from when I first started. I am very eager to see this happen throughout the blog. How had my own writing
evolved? By the end I should have no less than 33 writings. If I have more than this, that is great, by my goal is to have thirty three by the end of the project. This
is by posting three times a week.

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