My blog goals

Stamping techniques was my project. My goal was to have posts on different stamping techniques, linking to other blogs about stamping, teaching different techniques that I already knew and adding new ones in my search of other sites that I found. Since I am a demonstrator for the company Stampin' Up!, I get monthly catalogs with new ideas and techniques which I used in a few of my posts. My project proposalgoes into more detail. I wanted blogging to open up a new "stamping world" for me and I hoped that I would learn some new things as I went along.

The goals I reached

I think that I reached my goals of teaching new techniques and providing examples of them with photos and links to other pages. I had fun looking up other blog sites and seeing what other stampers are doing and learning from them as well. I found a few sites that offered small videos of techniques or projects that seemed like something that I would like to do when the time permits. I also increased working on my own things because I had to make the time to do it for this project. I also had time to read the articles in the catalogs that I get monthly and time to determine whether or not to add it in one of my posts. My blog has opened up a new way for me as a stamper and demonstrator to find new ideas and build on them for my own projects. It was easy for me to reach the goal of 35-40 posts because of the material that I had on hand and the material that I was able to find on different sites. I did have a hard time posting on several days, but was able to post several entries at a time to make up for the time I was not able to post.

What was helpful

I really enjoyed the studio tours. It was very helpful for me to see if I was on track and if I needed to add anything. It was also helpful because I could see what others in the class were doing and how they were approaching their individual projects. In one of the comments I was asked to add in some of the terms of materials used to be more helpful for someone who is unfamiliar with the stamping world. I added in pictures and a description for each one. It never occured to me that others would not know what I was talking about in this area since it is a specific area of knowledge. I suppose now that once I thought about it, it made perfect sense because I wanted to be able to teach a new technique to other beginning stampers. I was really glad that I did not focus on just the techniques. It was a great experience to look around and find other websites and blogs about what I like to do. Some of them were very helpful and some I felt needed a lot of work. I think that being able to have the wiki page to go back to and reflect upon was helpful to me as well because I was able to see if I was on track and make sure that I was reaching my calendar goals.

Problems that I encountered

Some of the problems I encountered was finding the time to post. I would do the research and then be distracted by the many demands of my life. What was nice about that was being able to go in and edit or add something I forgot about. I had a hard time having 200 words per entry on all of them, but I also did not want to repeat techniques, but show some alternative forms of the technique by adding a photo of a project done differently. I also had a really hard time looking at some of the other sites and blogs that I found to be misleading. I have a hard time hurting someone's feelings, especially when they have put some effort into what they wanted to do. There was so much more that I could have written on them , but just couldn't find a way to do it nicely. I did find a wiki on stamping, but was not overly impressed with how it was done. It was a generalization on how stamps are made and what can be done with them. you can see the page here.

Comparing to other sites that I found about stamping

I found a site that had close to the same goals as mine. She seems to be more advanced on the blogging aspect and has probably been a stamper for a long time. Her blog gave me several ideas on how I wanted to format mine. Her blog can be seen here. I also really liked this site because it had video of how to make the weekly project. This comes in handy when you are learning a new technique because it is not just pictures, but a person walking you through the process. The blog was very different from mine but had a lot of appeal to the stamping world. I found that some of the websites like HGTV'scrafting section was done horribly. There were no tutorials and it seemed to be poorly done or kept up with. There are so many aspects that could have been changed on this site, but it taught me that it was not what I wanted to promote on my own blog. I also found comparing my blog to others helped me to decide what to add, what not to add and how it should be set up.


At the beginning of this project, I thought that I was not going to get anything out of the process because it seemed to be easy for me to go in and upload pictures and link to other sites. As a beginner in the blogging and wiki world I chose a blog because it would suit he purpose of my particular project, not to mention the fact that I have wiki phobia. As the class went on, I knew that I had chosen the right path because of how I wanted to present the material. It can still be used as a collaborative effort if I wanted to add in others, but the descriptions and techniques should not be changed randomly. I never knew that blogs and wikis existed before I took this class and now I have broadened how I can research different things for all of my classes. I really enjoyed being able to add in photos of my own work and play around with how my blog was set up. It was much easier for me to navigate rather than using a wiki page. Keeping this blog has kept my writing skills where I think that they should be as well as learning new ways of writing and adding to my knowledge of a style of writing. If I had to do this project again, I think that I would not do anything different other than add in some other page elements that I do not know how to do.
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