Telecaster Fanatic


What I Intended to Do

Executive Discription from Project Proposal
For my project I will create a well-annotated filter-type blog centered around the Fender Telecaster guitar. I will seek out information on guitars, guitar-related gear, players that use telecaster and videos or news surrounding them, modifications and examples of modified Telecasters, as well as history related to the development and success of one of the world's first and still widely used electric guitars.

End Goal from Project Proposal
I will have a blog of interest to a specialized community, with a fairly expansive network of information on the subject. Obviously it will contain my opinions and views on the material linked to, but will nonetheless provide a space of interest for those with a fondness towards the Fender Telecaster and the music it creates.

What I Did

Blog Topics

An Attempt at Readership

What I Discovered

What Hasn't Changed

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