What I did:

I set up a blog, ThinkTank, and tried to follow my BenProjectProposal project proposal as closely as possible.

What happened?

I started following my project proposal, but I had such a broad and vague concept that I began deviating to just average blogging. However most posts had some point to them. I started out with an introduction, describing my personal opinion on blogs and blogging. Which until I started my own blog was basically the stereotypical view of the whiney online diary version of a blog. As I went on and actually read other blogs I began to see them as the useful form of information they are.

I threw out a political blog posts, but it ended up being about the politics of the media. Then I noticed that my blog began to follow the media as it went on, completely unintentionally. The unintentional theme worked much better for me when it occured without thinking about it, I would just comment on things in the media and it seemed to work. My original theme was just social commentary, but it was too broad to work for this project.

My goal was to find an audience. As a writer, I'd like to know I'm able to find and hold an audience. In the course of this blog, I have recieved one and only one comment. I did get an email from a guy who wrote a book, Anti-Christ: A Satirical End of Days, and agreed to link to my blog if linked to him. I linked, and yet see no link on his end. Checking my sitemeter, some people are at least reading or glancing at it. I went around throwing my blog address out around the internet, but ultimately I feel like I've failed that goal. But it's only been a few months, I would think to properly get an audience online, you'd need a good long while to build that audience.

What went well and why?

I think the unintentional creation of a theme to my blogging worked well because it really was unintentional. The entire time I was writing this blog out I was worried about the subject I chose and was convinced it wasn't working. It wasn't until I looked back at it that I realized the theme was there. Even posting helium posts followed the theme.

What didn't go well and why?

The lack of audience. I wasn't writing to myself, I was writing for someone to read and comment on. In a last ditch effort to get comments, I gave myself a list of topics and began blogging about them once a day until presentation day. That went well for two posts and then I got distracted and gave up.

What problems did you encounter and how did you address them?

My main problem was the audience. I was going around the internet whoring my blog out, but no one took it. I got a few people I knew to read it, but they didn't leave any comments either.

I also had the problem of finding something to write about. I intended to write three times per week but usually it was just once. But once I actually discovered something to write about, I would get inspired to keep writing, until I got distracted or tired.

I think my biggest problem would be distraction and procrastination. I ended up usually writing only at night when I had nothing to distract me. Most of my posts were made around 1 in the morning.

Where did you start and where did you end up?

I started with this inquistive outlook on Blogging and ended up with whatever you call what I have now. It started with a post marked "I don't like blogs" and has come to me questioning if I'll keep my blog going after the class ends.

What changed?

My thoughts on blogging are the only real change. I think my attitude about the concept of a blog changing can be seen as the blog goes on. It's gone from "I don't like this" to "this isn't so bad" to "not quite addicted to it but close."

If you did it again, what would you change and what would you keep the same?

I'd change the ways in which I went looking for an audience. I'd change anything that meant I received comments on my blog. But the rest I'd pretty much keep the same.

Included on my blog:
Alot of pointless postings
One comment
Sites I pay attention to
Sites I linked to hoping to get linked back
Google AdSense
Links to all the projects
Not much else
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