Thursday Morning 9:15 am

The place was busy, quiet busy with people being productive and working. I see 8 people, 4 women, 4 men, (I recognize one individual from Tuesday's visit - he must be a regular), 5 laptops, one book reader, (A Crack in Creation - a book about gene editing science) 2 people chatting, lots of cups housing warm beverages and lots of empty muffin wrappers. I can see one laptop that looks like he's working on complicated graphs and charts -something I've never seen - a science I don't know about. He also has a beautiful book nearby. A journal, maybe? It's pages have gold edges. I realize he and the woman next to him are together when she starts scratching his back. Working side-by-side each on their own work as far as I can tell. Maybe he's analyzing data.?

The music is light and lilting this morning. Book reader is now joined by a friend. The conversation begins when the friend asks, "What book are you reading?" How great is this! Two friends discussing literature! How perfect for my coffeehouse study.

I myself find this space difficult to write in. I'm easily sucked in to listening to the conversations around me. I find it not very conducive for me for writing. This makes me think this project could be more challenging because of this. I was hoping to be able to sit and observe while simultaneously studying/writing/etc..

By 9:40, this place is packed. Almost every seat at the counters is taken up. Large groups have filled the adjoining library and fireplace room. These groups seem to be composed of organized friends or social groups. The place is boisterous, but still fragmented - I don't see any interaction between groups or individuals.
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