Features of Blogs

27 Jan 2015

Listed here not as a final definition but features to watch for and consider.

* Reverse chronological posts
* Posts are unit of publication and composition
* Title
* Date stamp
* Permalink
* Typically has access to an archive
* Optional: tags, categories, blog roll, images,
* Typically written in first person
* Typically brief posts, but that's 1000 words or so
* Typically regular posting. 1-2-5 times a week,etc.
* Typically posted as a log of specific occasions: "this happened," more than, "I just felt like saying..." Posts tend to be motivated by events - again, as a log is. This is an idea you can use to move into your posts - less a matter of here's the task, and more a matter of, I was reading Rettberg, and so I'm going to add to her three examples of genre three more. Makes the post less an exercise in rote and more an occasional action, a little project. A log entry.
* Personal view - no claims to universal, neutral or complete.
* Social, in that they link to and are linked to, or even more that they foster comments.
* Written one to one
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