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===== Everything is Intertwingled =====

//For a starting point see [[ Intertwingled Work]], July 5, 2010 ยท Posted by Greg Lloyd.// What intertwingledness looks like in business applications c 2010.

The term was coined by TedNelson, designer of Xanadu, to describe the inter-relatedness of information when it becomes content. It's a portmanteau. Portmanteaus work by prompting readers to figure out what the roots are, so go ahead and do that.

On a wiki EverythingIsIntertwingled, and WikiWriters seek to develop intertwingularity without creating knots or snarls. We'd suggest that when ideas or pages are intertwingled they are not knotted - that knotted pages are not intertwingled.

But we also acknowledge TheBeautyOfKnots in WikiWriting. There's design in a well-formed knot that can inform our understanding of WikiWriting.

Intertwingling can create an apparent knot when a paragraph or page, or life, seems to have TooManyLinks. TooManyLinks is not a sign of a snarl but the worry of the reader. Well-composed wiki text will have an abundance of links that can be used by a DiligentReader


Related term from Udell, via Lloyd, ObservableWork. Related page under development [[ Observable Work]]
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