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Semi-accurate Play on Idenity
When me mother started drinking the Codfish Oil juice, my father was surprised. He was studying to be a learned man in between his voyages. My Mather had, bless her soul, foisted me upon my Grandmama and she to took me in kindly. I stayed with her in gaiety until, my father took me Mather back. We traveled near and far, though mostly in the great north. I wee bit later I ended in a little ol' town known for prostitution, beavers, and a big lumber jack. Here we took to gambling and vice. She was beautiful town, with many a stream and lake for leisure to take. I met a bewitching maiden, and she sent my heart a twitching, and we had many times when there was hooley in the kitchen. Ay, she slightly hinted marriage, but poison she was spittin' I traveled back down south, and learned not to be courting in the kitchen.


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