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>>=== Pages (just a start) ===
- WikiNamePage start with [[ FrontLawn]] as a jumping off point, but also look at MySpace on [[ Wikipatterns]]
- > WideOpenSpaces
- > WritingOnAWiki
- WritingOnABlog
- MeldedIdentity
- TheCollective
- TrueWikiness
- ImplicationsOfWiki
- UltimateImplicationsOfWik
- WikisInEducation
-> HowTheWikiChangesWriting
- WritersAndReadersSwapRoles
- MakingTheComplicatedSimple
- TheIntellectualPropertyImpossibilityTheorem
- BrainStorming
- TwoCentsWorth
- TheStandardObjection
- WhereIsEverything?
- WhyAreWikisSoUgly?
- WikisInTheAcademy
- PedagogicalChallenges
- TheIntellectualPropertyImpossibilityTheorem
- TechnicalConsiderations
- WikisAreJustOnePiece
- SoundBoarding
- SimplyWiki
- INeedAMap
- CollaborationPrimer
- WideOpenWikis
- WikisArePostmodern
- ProfessionalsBlogging
- KeepingBlogsFocused
- TheDeathOfTheBook
>>=====A BarnRaising=====

[[ BarnRaising on MeatballWiki]]
BarnRaising occurs when a community actively decides to come to the same place at the same time to help achieve some specific goal. The goal may be of direct interest to a subset of the community, such as raising a new barn for an individual CommunityMember, or it may be a SuperordinateGoal, of interest to the entire community, such as a new school. [...] It's pretty much impossible for one person to raise a barn. The main part of the process is taking two framed walls that have been built lying on the ground and raising them to vertical. Thus BarnRaising demands collaboration in a way that other activities do not.

[[ BarnRaising on wikipatterns]]
A wiki BarnRaising is a planned event in which a community meets at a designated time to build content on the wiki together. One person alone can't build all the content in a wiki, and a community of people needs to understand how to use the wiki, and feel a sense of buy-in for it to become successful. A BarnRaising achieves this because people come expecting to learn how to use the wiki, and they are able to interact with each other as they work....

During the third or fourth week of class, we will work collectively, in class and out, to create some of the foundational content of this wiki. There will be ++donuts++ cookies. There will be a couple of lists of pages to create and to revise. We will generate others we feel we might need.

I'll show you how to get started, then ask you to take on the pages you wish, working to add to and revitalize a thread on a page or to refactor, or collaboratively around the same computer.

''start by brainstorming a list of WikiWord topics from blog and or wikis.''

''next review some of the exiting pages under topics of interest: use index or search''

''also look at WantedPages (skip the pages of wiki users: names)''

- Finding pages
- Checking backlinks: click on the page title
- Roles to play. See [[ Wikipatterns]], but also book. [[ WikiGnome]] is good. Threader (seed and weed), Refactoring Editor (aka literary editor). Technical editor. Link finder ...
- Signing posts
- Use ThreadMode to DocumentMode
- RefactoringPages - including adding heads and subs, callouts, links, WikiWords, seel alsos ...

Find a topic. Take on a role. Begin.
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