-this page had not been created yet. I talked about "the culture of collaboration" and how many people aren't aware of how to work on a wiki because of the collaboration. This is a new concept for many people. It's important to have a shaper or wiki gardener to shape and edit the information being added to the wiki. I gave a few tips for establishing a culture of collaboration.


-This is under PagePatterns. I thought that this would be a good branchoff under the page patterns page because it talks about how to keep everyone organized who is using the wiki. It gives the writers some good tips about how to stay organized- especically in a business/ company setting. This also requires the use of a WikiGardener which Friez touched on.


-This page shows the wikis use something that most human being are already familiar with- even if they don't know they are. Everyone uses Creative Act of Synthesis in their day to day lives. Humans build off of eachothers strengths and creations. This page delves into this idea that everyone collaborates and being aware of that can help the proces of using a wiki run smoothly.
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