I am Duncan Skjaret. For reference, here is my blog:

Worlds on Hinges

No, I'm not sure what the name means. Also, my Twitter is @DuncanSkjaret

Hello, world!

A few lines of gobbelty gook:

Gobbelty gobbelty gobble gobble gobble

Gobble gobble goblin moblin stuper-duper koloo-limpah!

Time for a list! This is my favorite foods:

Look look it's dancing Kirby!


 (image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d9/Maka_Albarn_cosplayer_at_Sac-Anime_2010.JPG/512px-Maka_Albarn_cosplayer_at_Sac-Anime_2010.JPG)

Also, I am the guy who created the StudentPagesHub page.
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