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>>See ThreadMode | RefactoringPages | StyleGuide


Here are a few takes on the DocumentMode to enrichen the picture
- MeatBall:DocumentMode
- Wiki:DocumentMode
- [[ WikiFish: DocumentMode]]>>=====DocumentMode=====

DocumentMode is
- expository
- extensive
- monological
- a little more formal than ThreadMode
- synthetic: a synthesis of the threads
- and as a synthesis, creative

DocumentMode pages and sections of pages become the collective property of the wiki. They are in third-person and unsigned. But it is good to post your name at the bottom of the section as a contributer. On this wiki, participants like to list the WikiNames of those who contributed to the page.

Even while they are collective property - or because they are collective property - DocumentMode pages are still active. Anyone may revise, update, add to, or edit a DocumentMode page. They are evolving.

DocumentMode teaches that Knowledge isn't static. It teaches that knowledge evolves and is collective.

In DocumentMode
Write factual information. Give concrete advice. Use third person. Use active voice. Edit pages to emphasize the structure of ideas as drawn from ThreadMode.

>>"Isn't the life boiled out of prose in DocumentMode?"

"No. In DocumentMode, the ideas, not the writers, are the focus and the center. Document pages on wikis still have a point of view, a perspective, even a voice. But they don't call attention to themselves as pages but as ideas." See BalconyView>>=== Contributing to DocumentMode ===

You are invited.
- Refactor to draw in ThreadMode comments
- Reorganize the page
- Uncover a latent PagePattern in the threads and discussions
- Create a PagePattern to help organize the threads
- Incorporate headings
- Add examples
- Move examples
- Qualify the argument
- Edit the text
- Create new topics by fusing words into WikiWords. Then develop that topic.
- ...

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