What is Digital Literacy?

A brief summary: having an awareness of how to use digital platforms appropriately within different contexts and purposes.

A leader in the field of digital literacy is |Dr. Doug Belshaw who's well-known for his |doctora Byl thesis on this topic. Dr. Belshaw and others claim there is digital literacy is more complicated than just knowing how to use different types of media. In other words, having the skills is not the same as being literate. Literacy requires an understanding of the social practices, values and expectations of that particular context. | An article at Literacy Daily, highlights Dr. Belshaw's eight elements for effective digital literacy.
These include:
  1. Cultural - context matters
  2. Cognitive - skills matter
  3. Constructive - being able to build on or re-purpose what's there matters
  4. Communicative - community matters
  5. Confidence - being a self-learner matters
  6. Creative - taking risks and contributing matters
  7. Critical - being able to think things through from different angles matters
  8. Civic - a commitment to democratic values and global citizenship matters

Examples of Digital Skills vs Digital Literacy

web literacy
Image from |Mozilla |CC BY 4.0
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