DigitalHumanities is the combination of computing and the humanities. New technology has made it possible to collect and research more information. As a result, those doing research in the humanities are able to work at a much larger scale. These people are also able to collaborate or debate to find new information within large networks of people.


Computing Humanities

ComputingHumanities is the development of methods used to form collections of information. This includes the development of databases and analysis software.

Blogging Humanities

BloggingHumanties is focused on digital communication through media and direct messaging. It is believed that through this communication there is a higher potential to collecting and correcting information, and therefore academic information is not only contained in print.

Research Methods


The MLA format is commonly used by those citing papers in the humanities. It gives credit to other writers, and can be used to link back to original sources. This also helps prevent readers from going back to the wrong information since many pages on the web may share similar characteristics. MLA format also specifies the date in which content was accessed, and unlike books or other sources, electronic sources often change making this an important item to cite.
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