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===== DialecticMode =====
//We need to rename this page DialogicMode and conflate with DialogMode page. The idea is to keep things in dialogic relationship. In dialog with each other. Move the idea away from thesis/antithesis.//

[[ Meatball Wiki discusses DialecticMode]]. It is a relatively structured conversation between two or more dramatic identities openly bouncing thesis and antithesis off each other.

Dialectic Mode takes the form of an imaginary conversation between imaginary people. Like characters in a play. You, the reader, are encouraged to become playwright and improve the dialog, if you can. ...

Dialectic Mode has the advantage of Thread Mode that it is easy to express the to and fro of ideas, thesis and antithesis. It's easier to refactor from Thread Mode because most of the dialog will be written in first person. It also has the advantage of Document Mode of being less ego-laden and thus easier for third parties to edit.

In rhetorical terms, DialecticMode is a heuristic, a good way to both generate and structure a document as it evolves.

Points to note
- the emphasis in the title of the topic - DialecticMode - is on the interplay of ideas, not the dialogue itself. DialogueMode = ThreadMode
- contributers play roles; they do not post under their own names but as personas.
- one persona may be constructed by any number of contributers.
- both personas may be constructed by the same contributers.

See also DialogicNotebook


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