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===Culture Shock===
-Many different approaches to be analyzed when studying culture shock.
1) Most people and most companies don't really have a **culture of collaboration** and never had one.
==Culture Shock in Collaboration==
-from [[]]
-as time goes on, collaboration continues but it can become unorganized.
-critical mass of info
- begins to sprawl
-Solution: a person who can see the long term effect of not organizing.
-this person will structure and reshape the existing content- a "shaper"
-Question to ask: Is my company/ group ready to use a wiki?
-Q: Can this collaborate enough- The Culture of Collaboration
- "Most people and most companies don't really have a culture of collaboration and never had one." -Alan Pelz-Sharpe. principal at CMS Watch, a research firm.
- "If you don't have it, all the software in the world won't give you one [culture of collaboration]"
-It's good to introduce people to this "collaboration culture" because although it will be a culture shock at first it will help the business grow and thrive as one unit composed of multiple people.
-important to have a "shaper"
"People are working on things independently of what they're told to work on. It's connecting people globally. That's the best possible outcome in the wiki world." -Pelz-Sharpe
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