Creativity is Synthesis

"Making connections is a powerful way to develop new ideas." This is said at the top of Johnathan Halls and Associates' article, //How Creativity Occurs: Synthesis// This can be connected to wikis as well because in wikis there are constantly new connections being made between one topic and the next and between one page and the next. And because of these connections it can lead someone to a completely different topic than they were originally looking at. A person could look up Queen Elizabeth and end up reading about Shakespeare or honey bees or a number of things. This leads someone to new ideas. They could come to associate one topic with another because of the wiki connections (links) that led them that way.

"Synthesis is also a process of discovering connections between different ideas." (also stated in How Creativity Occurs: Synthesis). With this statement, we can clearly see the connection between "creativity" and "synthesis" because synthesis is discovering connections between ideas while creativity does something very similar: creates those connections between different concepts so the individual can think differently, more open-minded. And since "create" and "discover" are synonyms of one another we could argue that creativity is synthesis.

Know The Purpose of a Wiki

Reading more about wikis and their function and the Creative Commons licensing, I think it needs to be made very clear that wikis are a place for collaboration, synthesis, editing, sharing, etc. Unlike a blog, where it is one persons page, almost like a website, that represents whatever the page was created for. For example, a business, a class, a person, a family, etc. A wiki is a place where businesses, classes, people, and families can collaborate, share, and edit their ideas. The blog can do the same think if that's what someone would like. However, it needs to be made very clear that the wiki is very different from the blog.

When creating a wiki page, one has to make sure that they are aware of the Creative Commons license for a wiki page. Wiki pages are covered under the ShareAlike3.0UnportedLicense. If someone creates a wiki and is not aware of it and wants their page guarded by a difference CC license, then they should be putting their work on a difference medium instead of a wiki. Maybe, perhaps, a blog. More information on Copyrights for Wikipedia can be found on Wikipedia:Copyrights.
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