Creative Act of Synthesis

Hockenberry's Definition: Process of creation that's intellectually, mechanically, and socially a synthetic collaboration. It frames our work. Humans use these tools to share with others. Everything that humans do has been constructed by the collaboration and synthesis of thousands of others working before us.

Wikis and Creative Act of Synthesis

-Wikis create a platform to put what is already out there and then work off those ideas to create something new -It's a modern solution for solving problems and expanding knowledge. -A wiki uses the creative act of synthesis because multiple people are working on the pages editing them to create a collaborative answer- wikis will never have a "fully finished product" because everyone will continue to edit and work on them. -Piaget states that people must experiment with their world to understand it.

Creative Synthesis Solves Problems

-Solves important problems that don't have solutions and problems that have been solved but have a "bad solution"
-Good to use in academic settings because schools need to begin enhancing creativity once again -Simplicity is the peak of civilization



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