First round of Wiki notes

I've noticed a lot of wikis are formatted to be able to read easily with text starting directly on the left in most cases, not Wikipedia. Text blocks are separated by an entire line, creating paragraphs without much additional formatting. The simple colored backgrounds and text, usually using simple black, white, and sometimes blues, but not always. Wikis are entirely function over form. This contrasts with blogs, which can also be used for content creation or storage but puts a lot of emphasis on the appearance of the blog through themes and easily integrated pictures.

Writing my own wiki page isn't incredibly difficult, I don't have to worry a ton about the formatting or the readability. It helped to have someone who have already taken this class walk me through most the steps. All I really had to worry about was content creation.

I learned one particularly interesting thing about wikis through my reading. I had never given any thought as to why people didn't just delete entire sections of wikis. a few different interesting responses to this have been used.

neat wiki tricks

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