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=====Course Syllabus Spring 2012=====

=== Mon 9 Jan ===
- CourseStatement2012
- Intros

=== Wed 11 Jan ===
- Questions about syllabus and course
- Suggestion Place what you're doing for this course a part from personal stuff. Perhaps set up accounts just for this work, use the #en3177 tag to filter out other posts ...
- Materials for this week: WeblogsAndWikisWeekOne2012
- Not Pinterest is a micro-blogging site, designed more to re-posting. Might be interesting to work with on a project.
- Just Google It
- Being social and private. [[ Best Practices in Managing your Personal and Professional Identities]]. Levinson, p 173.

By class time Friday, read Rettberg, chap 1, and set up a blog at, and make a couple of posts. Email me the address to your blog.

=== Fri 13 Jan ===
- Review WordPress blogs.
- WordPress settings and blog roll
- Just Google It some more.

for Wed 18 Jan
- Continue readings and activities for WeblogsAndWikisWeekOne2012: sign up for bookmarking and on twitter, plus
- Add bio to About page.
- Start tagging webposts.
- Start linking to other pages and sites. Use the Link button.
- Add the weblogs of others to your Links. Show the links on your blog.
- Follow @weblogsandwikis
- Follow others in the class on Twitter. Go to Followers to see them.
- Visit other blogs in the class. They will appear under Contributors. Read and comment.
- Follow those blogs that look interesting.
- Levinson, chap 1 and 2
- Rettberg chap 1
- Comment on Levinson and Rettberg in two or more blog posts. First impressions, mainly. Aggregate and annotate starting with the readings from the text: Search and link to related material. We'll base an in-class discussion on social media on your comments.

=== Mon 16 Jan ===
- MLK Day: no class

=== Weds 18 Jan ===
- Questions and observations on how things are going.
- #SOPA blackout. Aggregating and annotating sources.
- ++Backchanneling and note taking during class conversation.++
- ++Discussion on Levinson chap 1 - 2, and Rettberg chap 1, based on your blog posts on them.++

**For Friday**, visit a few blog posts that address topics dealt with in Rettberg or Levinson and comment - develop, extend, link, provide something useful.

=== Fri 20 Jan ===

===== Class cancelled. Morgan is ill =====
start WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2012. Post over the weekend. Meet Monday.

++This will be our last Friday meeting.
- Jill Walker Rettberg on the #sopablackout
- Where you should be by now.
- Discussion on Levinson chaps 1 - 2
- Facebook and Twitter

Tips on the practice of blogging
- Being social and private. [[ Best Practices in Managing your Personal and Professional Identities]]. Levinson, p 173.
- [[ 12 Blogging Resolutions]]

==== Mon 25 Jan ====
Class meets as scheduled

- from WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2012
- Discussion on Rettberg chap 2, based on your blog posts and bookmarks.
- Locating a post to build on, extend.
- Working method: two or more browser windows or tabs.
- Saving as draft.
- Creating a social network of response and extension
- responding using comments
- responding on your own blog using a permalinks: linking to other posts
- Follow others on WP.
- [Fall back]

==== Wed 27 Jan ====
- WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2012
- Rettberg chap 2 and chap 3, based on your blog posts and bookmarks.
- Doppelganger at NDSU: search twitter #EC457) and here:
- Reminder: Install the WP bookmarklet and Delicious bookmarklet so you can easily create links to other material.
- WP > Tools menu. Drag Press This to your bookmarks.
- Delicious:
- Network/social theory applied: [[ Uncloaking a Slumlord Conspiracy with Social Network Analysis]]

==== Friday - Sunday ====
Two activities - in which ever order you find useful - that enact some ideas of Rettberg, Chap 3. Think of blogs not as isolated islands but as nodes in a set of networks, esp social networks between people. Rettberg places the kind of social networks that are created by blogging in context with other networks created by other social networking sites, like FB, to create distributed conversations.
- Posts and tweets and bookmarks on Levinson, chap 7: Facebook. Read and post on the chapter in light of Rettberg on orality (chap 2) and social theory (chap 3). That is, consider in your posts how these ideas connect. Some posts start to connect the ideas already - because many of you know Facebook well. But see what else you can see.
- *Update Saturday am*: Levinson, as usual, relies exclusively on his own (limited) experience in discussing FB topics. As a result every example he gives without invoking a principle behind it can be set aside w/a counter-argument. Meanwhile, the principles he's invoking go unstated. //Go find those principles// - and bookmark them. Rettberg chap 3 gives some. There are others out there. (Why, for instance, is it no surprise that someone you meet on line will be very like that person f2f? Others have written about this. Find out.) We'll talk f2f on Monday.
- Comment on at least two recent posts of others in the class. You may do this on their blog, or by creating your own post in response to one of theirs.
- Other suggestions: refer to WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2012.

==== Mon 30 Jan ====
- Reconnoiter on Levinson and Rettberg.
- Join the Daybook by registering [[ here]]. When you post to your blog, log into the Daybook and post an announcement - a teaser - with a link to the post.
- For Weds, Levinson, read chap 8: Twitter
- Post some notes, or a response, or a consideration on Twitter to your blog to get our discussion for Wednesday moving.

==== Weds 1 Fab ====
- Discussion on Levinson, chap 8: Twitter > posting
- A different social network, with weak links and all. [[ Recruitment]]
- Immediacy
- What else is possible? Crowdsourcing. Back channeling. Flashmobbing. [[ Teaching]]. others.
- What changes? What's the significance of those changes?
- If a question can be answered by Googling it, ask a different question.
- ++The next set of activities will be out on Wednesday.++
- Thurs - Monday: Catch up time. No activities required. I'll set everyone up on the wiki and we'll start a new set of activities on Monday.


=== Update: Sun 5 Feb: Class cancelled for Mon 6 Feb ====
- Intro to wiki and new set of activities will be out Wednesday.

=== Mon 6 Feb ===
- Class cancelled.

=== Web 8 Feb ===
- Class meets as usual. Intro to wiki.
- WeblogsAndWikisWeekFive2012.
- Note that reading the StyleGuide and other pages concerning writing on a wikis is required.
- Culminating in: **By Sunday evening** (so we can discuss it on Monday), make a substantive blog post on your first encounter with wiki writing, drawing on what you've read (required readings) and what you've done.

=== Mon 13 Feb ===
- Discussion: first encounter. Truth and falsity, certainty and provisonality, don't mess with my words, individual and social, gatekeepers and mobs, passive and active, consumer and producer, engaged and just don't care, and other ideologies, myths, FalseBinaries, and TrueBinaries.
- Continue with WeblogsAndWikisWeekFive2012
- Wednesday, you'll be starting or developing wiki pages in response to / working with the readings or other materials from WeblogsAndWikisWeekFive2012.

=== Wed 15 Feb ===
When you access a wiki, you join a collaborative project. Here's ours: WritingTheWikiProject. And here are our social customs: StyleGuide. In comparison, here's Wikipedia's: [[ WikiLove]]
- In class set up of wiki topics to develop, drawing on readings.
- FormattingRules

== for Wed 22 Feb ==
- In response to readings and WeblogsAndWikisWeekFive2012, and guided by WritingTheWikiProject and our StyleGuide, develop a new topic or 2 or 3 and/or review a few to develop further.
- 3 - 4 - 5 return visits to the wiki to help develop it over the next week.
- Starting points: AcademicWriting, TheHorrorsOfSocialMeeja, HowToWriteASentence, RevisingInAWiki, FilterBlogs, TheWikiWord, RedefiningLiteracy, MobileBlogging ... and other pages on WantedPages and RecentChanges. WritingInThreadModeExercise
- **Keep track of the pages you work on on your WikiName page.**
- Options
- Create an alternative table of contents page, one that organizes and emphasizes matters you're interested in. Include stubs to suggest the direction users might go in. Announce your page on your weblog or workspace. WikiWritingHandbook is an example.
- Be a wiki gnome: Find pages to proof, edit, and format for WikiStyle. Keep track of the pages you worked with on your blog or workspace.
- Refactor pages. Locate those pages that still have ThreadMode discussions on them, and incorporate that content into the DocumentMode.

=== Mon 20 Feb ===
- No classes on campus

=== Wed 22 Feb ===
- We meet as usual. Discussion on writing the wiki
- Towards setting up your own project: ProjectProposalAssignment
- Drafts of Project Proposal due posted to the wiki Mon 27 Feb. We'll have some discussion on projects.
- Final drafts ready by Wed 29 Feb.

=== Mon 27 Feb ===
- ProjectProposalAssignment
- Drafts of Project Proposal due posted to the wiki Mon 27 Feb. We'll have some discussion on projects.
- Final drafts ready by Wed 29 Feb. Include your email at the top of the page.
- Approval or request for revisions will come by Fri, 12:00. No email = no approval.
- CreativeCommonsLicensing, part 1

=== Wed 29 Feb ===
- ProjectProposalAssignment final drafts ready by classtime Wed 29 Feb. Include your email at the top of the page.
- Presentation and Discussion: CreativeCommonsLicensing, part 2
- Have a look at the bottom of the page for C and CC.
- flickr [[ social guidelines and sharing]]
- flickr unrestricted stream:
- flickr restricted stream:
- Trends, OER and MOOCs, DRM,
- Consider the social value of these openings and controls of IP
- Consider the apparent gap between legal positioning of IP and social positioning of sharing.
- Questions for further consideration
- EverythingIsSocial

=== Fri 2 Mar ===
- Expect project ok or request to revise.
- When you get the ok, go ahead and start.
- Tweet notice of updates, requests for response ...

=== Mon, 23 April ===
- Compare notes and talk about preparing ProjectWriteup.

=== Tues, 1 May, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM ===
- Final meeting: Make a 3 - 5 minute informal presentation of your project in class.
- ProjectWriteup due posted online by 3 May, 6:00 pm.

[[ rate the coure]]
[[ ENGL 47809/5709: Digital Humanities]] is waiting for you.

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