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=====Course Syllabus Spring 2015=====

Course starts Tue 13 Jan 2015.

- [[ WordPress: The Missing Manual, 2nd edition]], PDF.
- Walker Rettberg, //Blogging//, 2nd ed. 2014.
- CourseStatement2015

====Week 1: 14 Jan - 21 Jan====
- Activities from BootCamp2014.
- Check the BootCamp2014 page for deadlines. Deadlines are firm.
- Once you sign up on, you'll be able to posts to the comments on [[ | The Daybook]], under the Leave a Reply link at the bottom of each post.
- When you have your blog set up, email the URL to
- Questions? Ask them on The Daybook. Or stop by HS 109 at 1:15 on Thu, or HS 314 at 3:15 on Thu.

Course starts Tues 13 Jan 2015, 12:00 pm

- Walker Rettberg, Jill. //Blogging//, 2nd edition. MA: Polity Press, 2014.
- WordPress: //The Missing Manual, 2nd ed.// Matthew MacDonald. Print at the bookstore or Amazon.ISBN-13: 978-1449341909 ISBN-10: 144934190X Edition: 2nd [[ | Free Kindle or PDF]]

=== for 13 Jan 2105 ===
- CourseStatement2015
- BootCamp2015
- Reminder: New assignments come up on Mondays and Thursdays. Check in Monday afternoon for our Tuesday meeting, and on Thursday afternoons or evening for any additions or changes for the week. Or subscribe to this wiki page in your RSS feed.
- Safari v.8 OS X handles twitter streams and RSS subscriptions. Check under View > Show Shared Links Sidebar. Click Subscriptions button at the bottom of the sidebar.

=== Thu 15 Jan Update ===
- Weblogs are appearing on [[ the Daybook]] Current Participants blogroll, and intros are appearing in comments to [[ the Welcome post]].
- If you have any questions (or spot a typo!) post to the comments on the appropriate Daybook post.
- Just a reminder to check BootCamp2015 for deadlines.
- See you on Tuesday. Happy MLK day.

==== Tue 20 Jan ====
- [[ Morgan's Course Notes for Week 2]], including notes on the upcoming weekly reflection are posted to The Daybook.
- Successes. Problems. Deadlines. Routines.
- (Re)read the CourseStatement2015. Questions about evaluation, deadlines, processes, workflows. I'll ask if you need clarification on any of the topic headings. Be ready. There are requirements in this document to meet.
- A look at some of the weblogs posted so far.
- BootCamp2015 continued. Deadlines this Thursday and Monday.
- The Online Contingent are encouraged to post questions and comments to this week's blog post when it appears.

==== Update Sat 24 Jan ====
- Deadline: Thursday midnight: Post on Creative Commons and Intellectual Property. Respond over the weekend.
- Friday, Saturday and Sunday visit the posts of others, comment - extend - develop - compare those that strike you as useful / significant / interesting. Miss this BootCamp task at your peril!

==== Tues 27 Jan ====
- Finishing BootCamp2015
- In-class review of some blogs.
- Distributed network of blogs and of learning

Annotating Rettberg
- For week of 27 Jan: RettbergChaps1And2. Keep this page in front of you as you work, and refer to it first if you have questions.
- If you have any other questions about how to proceed, try the CourseStatement2015 first.
- Deadlines: midnight Thurs and midnight Saturday
- Reflection deadline, midnight Monday

==== Tues 3 Feb ====
- A look at blog posts for Blogging, chaps 1 - 2. RettbergChaps1And2.
- Discussion on chaps 1 and 2
- Applause.

==== For the week of 3 Feb - 10- Feb ====
- Activities for RettbergChap3
- Deadline Saturday, midnight.
- Deadline for reflection: Monday, midnight.

==== Tues 10 Feb ====
- Face to face class meeting cancelled: Prof Morgan is ill
- For this week, we'll skip chapter 4. Go on to Blogging, chap 5 and work with ActivityForRettbergChap5
- This week is asking for multiple posts so deadlines Weds / Thurs / Friday /Saturday/ Sunday, midnight. Look to post at least twice, but better three times.
- Deadline for reflection: Monday, midnight.
- I'll post a review of your work with RettbergChap3 on Weds

====Tues 17 Feb ====
**Reminder**: This week is asking for multiple posts so deadlines Weds / Thurs / Friday /Saturday/ Sunday, midnight. Look to post at least twice, but better three times.

- Deadline for reflection: **Monday, midnight**.
- Review of the week: Blogs as Narratives and ActivityForRettbergChap5
- [[ Over Time]], blog post review of the week.

==== for week of 17 Feb - 24 Feb ====
- A change of subject and a breather: Only one required post and no reflection!
- We'll web working with wikis for the next few weeks. We'll be looking at a few, writing a little about them, but mainly, you'll be contributing to this wiki. It serves us best to start slow, however, rather than jumping into the fire: Read first, wiki second. So for this week work with the reading and writing activities in PreparingForWikis.
- There's a single post due for Sunday midnight, but you might want to make a few shorter posts over the week.

==== posted on Sun 22 Feb ====
**Before Tuesday, class time.**

=== Set up your WikiName page ===
Download and print out two pages. You'll want to be able to refer to the tutorial as you register for the wiki.

- [[ Getting Started on the Wiki Tutorial]]. PDF. The invitation code will be posted on D2L.
- SettingUpAWikiNamePage.

Now follow the tutorial and get registered for the wiki and your wiki name page set up.
- Get started on the exercise before class so we can address any problems on Tues, 24 Feb.

==== for week of 24 Feb - 3 Mar ====
- for reference: PreparingForWikis, GettingTheWikiAttitude
- WritingTheWiki2015. Sentences About. Work with pages a number of times through the week.
- Post a weekly **reflection to your blog** by midnight Monday.

==== 3 Mar ====
- a look at WritingTheWiki2015. Sentences About
- How it went, what you selected, choices, concerns
- Use of wikis. Anxieties regarding wikis.

The role of the writer on the wiki
- GrowingTheWiki means nurturing and fertilizing pages. Revising to connect and open ideas further.
- We will consider some strategies, then proceed to the micro-exercise for Thursday.

==== Micro-exercise: Due R, 6:00 pm ====
Recall that WikisAreSocial. Recall on a wiki EverythingIsInterTwingled. Recall that MeaningIsConnection and ConnectionIsMeaning.

Return to the pages you created or worked on, and revise - add to - refactor - create stubs - work below the DoubleLine - to do two things

1. Link the page with other pages on this wiki by adding WikiWords in appropriate places. You will need to find other pages to link to (Use Search, consult PageIndex, have another look at the SentencesAboutWritingTheWiki page, read other pages).
2. To open the page to further additions / changes by others. CreatingStubs is a good way. WikiCharming is another.

This exercise need not take long (30 minutes), but the more inviting you are, the better the health of the wiki.

=== Final clean up===
- We don't use all caps in titles or headings on this wiki. See HeadingCase. When you see heads in all caps, edit them to the proper case.

=== Some Notes on Wikis from Elsewhere ===
- [[ | 15 Productive Uses for a Wiki]]
- [[ | 100+ More Wiki Tools and Resources]]

==== Week of Mar 9 - 13====
A well-deserved break

==== Tues 17 Mar ====
- ProjectProposalAssignment
- Proposal deadline: 22 Mar. 6:00 pm!

Face to face class does not meet for the rest of the semester, until
- Last face to face meeting 21 April. Final day of class. (Classes don't meet April 28).
- Final: T May 7 1:00. Campus students present. Online student write up are due.

==== 21 April ====
Last day of class. Meet face to face.

- Touching base: How are things going?
- April 28: End of project. Please post a brief final weekly report. You'll have the opportunity to reflect on things further in your final presentation or writeup.
- Preparing for the ProjectWriteup
- On-campus students: Prepare your notes for a 10 -15 minute presentation, followed by discussion. The question under Topoi will make a good framework. Present, Thu, May 7 1:00
- On-line students: Prepare your 1200-1500 word writeup as directed in the ProjectWriteup assignment. Due midnight, Thu, May 7.

==== 7 May ====
- Final at 1:00 - 3:00. HS 109. Present and discuss. Donuts provided.
- Post a link to your final notes to the [[ Projects complete post]]as a comment. [[ Kelsey's]] done this already.
- On-line students: Prepare your 1200-1500 word writeup as directed in the ProjectWriteup assignment. Due midnight, Thu, May 7.
- [[ Course Evaluation]]


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