Course Syllabus Spring 2018

Week of 8 Jan

Deadllines for this week
reminder: Bootcamp deadine: Mon 23 Jan: a reflection on these two weeks of Bootcamp set up. See the BootCamp2018 page for the criteria.

Week of 8 Jan

Week of 15 Jan

BootCamp2018 continues: Week Two is about RSS, CC and IP, setting up your weblog further, and practicing embedding media into blog posts. BootCamp2017 also suggests Continuing Activities.

In class
Bootcamp Deadlines for this week
Refer to BootCamp2017

Week of 16 Jan - 23 Jan

Week of 23 Jan

For this week, let's start blogging!

Week of 30 Jan

"My 12 year old blogs. How can blogs be literature?"

Week of 6 Feb

Use the same guidelines and days for posting as before in How to develop a post.

Week of 13 Feb

If you haven't used a wiki before, start with the tutorial: Getting Started on a Wiki

Then go on to SettingUpAWikiNamePage. Then explore the readings and videos, and move into composing your thoughts about using wikis as requested in WikisAreUs.

For Extra Credit! you can take stock of your impressions about working with a wiki as a post on your blog.

Week of 20 Feb

In class, we'll discuss wikis. For the week, enter the world of TheWikiWay with

Week of 27 Feb


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The Weeks


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