To aggregate, annotate, and start remixing the articles we read in common, and move towards remixing and repurposing the ideas in them into wiki pages for our use and next year's use.

Wikis are about the social: social construction of knowledge, social production, cooperative creation.

Get Started

Start with GettingStartedOnWikiProject2013 for Weds - Sunday.

To Do: Sun 3 Mar, 2013

If you feel lost or confused by what we're doing, re-read the articles and readings on GettingStartedOnWikiProject2013. They will address more of the questions and concerns I've heard mentioned.

In the same vein, start by looking back to the readings, especially when a topic or concept originates there. That will help you contribute to the discussion more confidently.

As of Sun 3 Mar, 2013, the pages below need fresh work. Start with the readings from last week, then google. Don't draw from Wikipedia; link to wikipedia, but build on more specific materials you can find.

There are other pages linked to these that are also ripe for work. I'm not listing them all because discovery is part of TheWikiWay.


You don't have to start or complete a page. New ideas are welcome, but they can be roughed in to be developed later by others. RefactoringPages is challenging, but refactoring starts with reorganizing the existing page under headings that bring out a latent organization, so start small and let others stand on your shoulders.

You can contribute to a page in a number of ways - many of them involving reorganizing and detailing rather than cutting or adding content.

Where to go for sources

Start with your own, informed consideration, drawing on what we've read. But then search google to see how others have considered these ideas. Try refactoring, what makes wiki work, topical writing, crowdsourcing, collaborative work, collaborative writing ... Material enters wikis from all sides.

See a wiki in the midst of being written at c2 and meatball

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