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=====Collective Blogging Exercise=====

Time these exercises out over the five days.

By Friday, noon
- Read Rettberg, chaps 4 and 5
- Write a blog post in which you consider the topic or issue your group is focusing on, drawing on Rettberg chaps 1 - 5 +, as well as other bloggers and other authors. (Search Google.)
- Write this post in such a way as to invoke comments and help commenters focus. Ask for input, and specify where.

from Friday noon through the weekend
- Within your group, gather comments on each other's posts, including further development, links to other sources and each other.
- If appropriate, make another blog post before presenting (Sunday evening.)
Of course, you can see what other groups in class are writing in and comment on and link to their work.

You'll be presenting your ideas and how the exercise went on Monday, classtime.

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