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>>{{image url="" width="350px"}}>>=====Collaboration Conventions=====
We want to balance collective writing with individual responsibility and ownership, so here are some of the conventions for collaborating on this wiki. Add to them and sign your additions. See the StyleGuide.

=== Page ownership and the obligation to write ===
The general idea is that one person starts a page and may even hang around and manage it. Others comment on it and contribute to it, often in signed comments at the end of the page. As the comments grow, the original author or anyone else revises the page, incorporating comments and new ideas as explained in RefactoringPages. add: WikiWallflowers

- Sign pages you want input on, and sign any additions you make to existing pages using your WikiName.

- A page you create without your name or initials in the title is open for additions, editing, changes. It becomes part of the wiki in general.

- But if you want control of a page that you create, say so in the first few lines of the page, letting others know how they can work with your page.

- Wiki:FixYourWiki: Take care of your own work first: go in and remove your own thready discussions, fix your typos, revise and revamp before editing the work of others.

- State the purpose of the page you create at the top so that others can orient themselves to the page and frame contributions.

Here's an alternative to all this stuff: CollaborateRadically

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