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Intro in 2 parts

part 1

She was an odd child who didn't like to play with dolls. She never asked to go to the circus because clowns terrified her. Growing up in the country, she spent her days chasing frogs and setting up a home base in the trees for her fort, Salvage 1. Her summers were spent working in the garden tending endless rows of beans, peas, onions, and cucumbers (just to name a few); riding bike down to the lake for a swim; and exploring the woods that surrounded her home. Winter's were spent burrowing through the snow and carving out tunnels and caves, skiing off the roof of the house (only once but it was epic), reading everything she could get her hands on, and writing. Life was simpler back then and she embraced the adventure.

part 2

Now, many years later, this same odd girl is all grownup, but still scared of dolls and clowns. She only braved the circus twice while her children were growing up and she smothered her screams behind a tight smile. She no longer chases frogs but chases gran-girls and tree forts now consist of emptying the linen closet to create elaborate tents in the living room. Summers are still spent working outside and attempts at growing a garden or flowers has become a pass or fail by trial and error--biking and swimming have been replaced with volleyball and walking. The winter activities of the past have now been replaced with shoveling, salting and scraping, more shoveling, and loping heads off of snowmen. But there's always the reading and the writing, that has remained her one true constant. Yes, life was simpler back then, but she still embraces the adventure.

Five Things I'm Reading Right Now

Miss Informer 365 My blog, writing about all things grammar, posting assignments and reflections for class. Feel free to follow me.
@ChristineBelg My Twitter account, where I sporadically tweet things that come to mind and feel are Twitter-worthy. Feel free to follow me.
Christine Belgarde My LinkedIn account, not much is going on here--so far. Feel free to connect anyway.
Islandmagee Just 'cause.

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