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You have stumbled upon the Wiki page of Casey Fisher. Here at BSU I am a Junior majoring in both English and Creative and Professional Writing. I call Walker, MN my hometown - though I have left a large chunk of my heart in Munich, Germany and in Salzburg, Austria when I visited there back in 2006.

I like to say that I am a writer and a poet, so therefore I am a wroet. I read banned books. I am terribly snarky. I eat too much Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I am loud, sarcastic, and wonderfully witty. I am a lover of words (my own or others), random to the great amusement of my friends, Irish and German - which does explain alot about me, and a devotee of the Converse Chuck All Stars.

Music Playing in Constant Rotation

Ada Jane
Any band that Eric Clapton was a part of
Lovesick Radio
Foo Fighters
30 Secondsd to Mars
Dashboard Confessional
The Who
The Killers
Strauss, Debussy, Mozart, and Saint-Saens
Alt. and Classic Rock of any shape and form

The Authors Residing on my Bookself

Jane Austen
Mark Twain
Charles Dickens
Emily Dickenson
John Updike
JRR Tolkien
Gustav Flaubert
Shel Silverstein
Nora Roberts
Janet Evanovich
Charlotte Bronte
Dr. Seuss
F Scott Fitzgerald

Greatest Movies Period

Monty Python & the Holy Grail
A Knight's Tale
Gone With the Wind and any MGM classic production... GiGi, My Fair Lady, Casablanca, Wizard of Oz and the like
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Street Car Named Desire
The Rainmaker
Rebel Without a Cause
Alice in Wonderland
Nightmare Before Christmas
All Pirates, Harry Potter, Oceans, Batman, Lord of the Rings movies
Men in Tights...Correction...ALL Mel Brooks...
A Christmas Story
The Goonies
Pride & Predjudice
Any James Bond
Boondock Saints

Preferred Places on the Web




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