Building On The Ideas Of Others

An individual has to be aware that on a wiki anyone can edit pages, therefore one's ideas do not stay just their ideas. The pages and ideas evolve as other people read them and begin to add their own ideas: collaborating with the original author. This is a very impressive concept, especially when you take into consideration that an individual can look back at previous forms of that page to see all the collaboration that has taken place.

But with collaboration comes the idea that everyone that comes after the original author is simply building off the original ideas on the page. Which, while to a certain extent is true, there are individuals who bring something completely different to the page, individuals who read what's already on the page and make a leap. Does the idea of "building on the ideas of others" account for these individuals?

According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary "leap" is defined as "to pass abruptly from one state or topic to another." With this definition, the individuals who make a leap from the original topic and connect it to a completely different topic still fall under the category of "building off of others" because they are taking the original topic and thinking about it differently. They are using creativity (check out CreativityIsSynthesis for more information on connections) to make a connection / link between two different ideas.

Being that an individual's shared ideas on the wiki can change other's way of thinking and lead them to make their own connections and new breakthroughs is something that most artists or authors strive for: changing others thought processes. This in addition to the fact that those people, who have been impacted by someone's thoughts / ideas on a wiki page, can edit that page and add or change the information makes it a collaboration. The individual's work is not ruined, it is simply changed: it has evolved into something else because it impacted someone else's thoughts enough to make them want to add something to the page.
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